LAURA _ AkiÓ->Tea Trucke, U.K. 2018

LAURA _ AkiÓ->Foodi Trucke, Brazil. 2016-2017

LAURA _ AkiÓ->PaarungsRitual, Tubingen, Germany.2017

LAURA _ AkiÓ->DemonCrazy- Chemical toilet , Hooyong, South Korea. 2017




Characterized by the use of her unique hat, LAURA _ AkiÓ->is Laura Carvalho being beyond herself. A figure not a character of the artist, which assumes a trans(IN)disciplinary didactic and an esthetic based on the squalid. Seeking to give birth to a new {no}SENSE of life, LAURA _ AkiÓ->, is a latent figure that abuse of the humor and the playful, introducing herself in a powerful and fruitful way.

Starting from the concept of  BEING , the basis of Western philosophy introduced by Socrates, and immortalized in the phrase, “to be or not to be, that is the question” in Hamlet, Shakspere. LAURA _ AkiÓ-> means in Portuguese, Laura here, what means that, Laura is, where she is – “IamwhereIam”.

For the artist to BE i ng is to assume a self-generated process, a process of self creation that comes out in the end being an action of constant subversion of the idea that the self makes out of  itself.

Incorporating her figure, the artist, exercised the multitude of her being. A singular mutant way, that inhabits, affects and is affected by the World.

Through her performances and actions LAURA _ AkiÓ->, proposes the symbolic weaving of new lines of thoughts, urging for an alchemical purity intrinsic in all of us.