LAURA_ AkiÓ->Tea_Trucke, London, U.K.


“Residency” / Action / Performance

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This work emerged from an intensive residency of 15 days supported by the Ugly  Duck’s, London, U.K.

This performance explores  the  global rise of extreme right-wing groups, which led U.K. voting for BREXIT.

Giving sequence to the project LAURA_ AkiÓ-> foodi truke->popcorn,  LAURA_ AkiÓ->, walked the streets of London collecting discarded objects by the population to build her “Tea_Trucke”, which serves as the medium and scenery of her performance.

It was from this collection, a kind of archeology of the squalid, that the artist questions how much the waste produced by a city, are imbued with cultural and historical aspects of its inhabitants.

By the personal relations established on her walking by the city, and with the garbage re-signification, the artist establishes a co-production with the city population.

This co-production pervades  not only the construction of the “Tea_Trucke” but as well the perfomance by itself.

The “Open script” is a example of that, working as a guiding line for the  development of the performance, the “Open script” is  a stimulus for an engaged  dialogue, between  the inhabitants of London who pass by LAURA_AkiÓ-> and her  “Tea_Trucke”.

Believing that the present moment is filled up whit anxiety,  LAURA _ AkiÓ ->, proposes the change of a traditional English habit- the consuming of black tea, which presents some stimulating substances as caffeine.

Suggesting a moment of break, talk and reflection regarding the crisis our World is currently facing , the artist gives for free in the streets of London  her “colorful” tea made by chamomile –> 2 relax, Green tea-> 2 digest and mint-> 2 refresh.

The images displayed were taken by Lara Proctor

Besides the fact that the performance happened in the streets, was being exhibit during the showcase “(H) AKT” -Ugly Duck ,the “Tea_Trucke”, a print of the “Open Script”, and the video LAURA_ AkiÓ->. 

This video was made by the compilation of different records that shows the displacement of the figure in the streets of Brazil, Germany, South Korea and U.K.

Thanks to a system invented by the artist, attached in her hat, that resembles the records obtained by a Gopro camera.

The artist recorded not only the discarded objects searching, but also the reaction and the relation of the pedestrians when they came across her figure. This action, ends up assuming a performativity character, which from the records, shows us reactions characterized by scared, happy, doubtful and amazed glances of people passing by LAURA_ AkiÓ->.


The images displayed here were taken by Lara Proctor