LAURA _ AkiÓ-> Pachamama. 2017 – 2018

LAURA_AkiÓ-> Casas Bahia. 2018

LAURA_AkiÓ-> Abandoned Observatory. 2017

LAURA_AkiÓ-> PrivateSpace. 2017- 2018

LAURA_AkiÓ->Elisabeth-Sanatorium. 2017

LAURA_AkiÓ->DickLand. 2017

LAURA_AkiÓ ->SelfiePortraits



Variable measures

In her self-portrait series, LAURA _ AkiÓ-> , portrays herself in unusual scenarios, revealing us a unique world of singular places, full of mystery and enchantment.

In this series, Laura Carvalho raises questions about our self-image awareness by creating in her own photographic representation a self-portrait like LAURA _ AkiÓ->. Understanding the term self-portrait as the reproduction of her self-image, Laura Carvalho explores in this series what she believes to be her true ‘self’, LAURA _ AkiÓ->.

LAURA _ AkiÓ-> means in Portuguese, Laura here, what means that, Laura is, where she is – “IamwhereIam”.

Going against the oppressive idea of ​​normality, the composition of each picture, underlines the idea “IamwhereIam”at the same time as it suggests to the viewer the creation of his own narrative.