What I Do

Brand Development: Visual Identity and Brand Strategy in a digital world

A brand needs to have a representative tone of voice to stand out from the competition. The tone of voice results from an adequate visual identity and a community of loyal followers. Therefore creating an efficient communicating system between a brand and its audience is fundamental and part of the process.

Now more than ever, for a brand to be truly bound to a community, it 




has to have a strong presence throughout all it's digital touchpoints. Whether we're talking about a mobile app or about it's corporate website, digital applications are becoming the «face» of nowadays brands. That's why it's crecently important to create user-friendly and attractive interactive surfaces, which successfully communicate the values and identity of a brand. 

I can develop a brand from scratch, totally restructure an existing brand or simply adjust a brand to up-to- date requirements.




Graphic Design

Brand corporate identity implementations, editorial design, advertisement and illustration.


Interaction Design

Concept, interface design and user experience design for mobile applications, websites and desktop applications.